Medical Evaluation of the age of Chess Players will be held at Chennai on 09th and 10th February, 2019

Dear Chess Lovers,
All the players those who do not have birth certificates registered within one year of their birth and to avoid their entries to participate in age related tournaments being rejected on account of this, the AICF to help such players, conductsmedicalevaluationof Age which will include physical examination, dental examination and radio-logical examination by competent doctors as prescribed by the Government of India. Therefore a window is opened every year before start of the season. This year medical test will be held at Chennai from 09 to 10 February, 2019. For more details please visit our website :
You are therefore requested to inform all your affiliates and circulating the news your website to help your players to attend the medical test.
In case of any clarification, kindly contact : 044-25382121

Punjab gets a new World Champion!!

Arvinder Preet Singh of (Ludhiana,Punjab) India won the World Amateur title below the rating of 2300.

Arvinder Preet started off as the 26th seed with a rating of 2084. He lost the second round and with 1.0/2 things didn’t look so great. But the player from Railways, fought back and with blistering bit of performance scored 6.0/7 and finished first with a score of 7.0/9. He performed at a rating of 2398 and gained 73 Elo in the process. He beat four players above the rating of 2200.



CongratulationsArvinder Preet Singh, this was truly a phenomenal performance.